An Octave Higher

An Octave Higher
An Octave Higher

Explore Overture with Elise, Franz and Frederic as they set on their own paths, each joined by one thing: a broken piano.

This visual novel allows you to explore the world where each person is gifted in different types of magic that has been revolutionized into creating magic machinery. The industry is evolving and the world of this visual novel finds itself on the forefront of technology—at the cost of their own working class. But in a world where magic defines your class, there is unrest in the background and rumors of a revolution are stirring.

Amongst all this magic, there is something that they can’t do: use healing magic on inanimate objects. As Franz does his final year project at school on just that—healing inanimate objects—most people find it a fruitless study. Due to fate, he is able to get financial backing from Frederic’s Dad because of Elise and her desire to fix a broken piano with her healing magic.

Little do the characters know that on the edges of their lives a revolution is brewing that can shake their whole existence and the world of Overture.

Join the adventure in this visual novel, unlike any other visual novel you’ve played before, as you question right and wrong, good and bad and everything in between. Does Overture really need a revolution?


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What critics say

“Because of the excellent writing and world building, An Octave Higher is not only enjoyable, but it creates a hunger for more.” – RPGFan (85/100)

“You really get a sense of what it would be like to exist in that world and some of the struggles the characters have to face.”- Brash Games (8/10)

“Throwing all typical Japanese stereotypes out of the window, this was a refreshing experience.” – Visual Novel Tea Party (7.5/10)

“This visual novel is one that fans of fantasy stories should definitely give a try!” – Legion of One (8.0/10)

“…a novel and intriguing setting in addition to exploring moral issues that are both interesting and relevant.” – The Geek Clinic (7/10)

An Octave Higher has an excellent plot, generally good writing, and interesting characters.” – TouchArcade (4/5)

“A story with political and social themes that can make you think” – Games in Asia ID (5/5)

Indie Prize

An Octave Higher