Our Story 

We make story driven games.

We aim to delight people by crafting stories about characters who are not only unique and memorable but also so human and lovable that we’d smile, laugh, and cry with them. And through our stories, we like to dream up imaginative and colorful worlds, ones that though seem otherworldly and celestial feel believable and real, worlds that are to be explored in creative and extraordinary ways.

Hence our name: Kidalang.

A Dalang is an Indonesian puppet masterhe who fascinates his audience by telling storiesand Ki is an honorific by which a dalang is often addressed.

What do we do?

We tell stories through digital interactive media such as video games. In our products, we try to combine the deep and imaginative storytelling of novels with the fun and interactivity of video games. We create products for various platforms, including PC and mobile devices.