You can now purchase and download Sage Fusion 2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux from, an indie-friendly online marketplace for video games, by visiting the game’s page at:

or right from here:

With this release, Sage Fusion 2 is now available for a total of six different platforms:

1. Windows:
2. Linux:
4. iOS: App Store
5. Android (4.4+): Google Play Store
6. BlackBerry 10: BlackBerry World

The game can also be downloaded from Tizen Store, but we’re still waiting for Tizen smartphones to hit the market.

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2 Responses to Sage Fusion 2 for PC Now Available on

  1. Unlucky Goblin says:

    Loved Sage Fusion. So I brought the second Sage Fusion on and going to try it out. Good job on a great story.

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