Games in Asia, one of the most prominent games sites in the world just released the first issue of its Indonesian language magazine, and Amon Violler, the most violent villain character in Sage Fusion saga, is there on the cover! So everybody who wants to read this magazine will stare at Amon’s white gaze, a void full of divine punishment and lust of holy blood! Hahahaha.

The magazine tells much about Indonesian indie game developers. One of them is us, Kidalang. We are proud to have Sage Fusion featured in this magazine and we even got 3 whole pages full of our screenshots and illustrations to describe our game.

Let me tell you how it started. Games in Asia Indonesia magazine designer (and founder of GameSaku before the acquisition by Tech in Asia), Glenn Prasetya, asked me personally to create an illustration for the cover of the magazine. It might also be the reference picture he sent to me, picturing Batman’s Joker with terrible evil grin, that led me to think to portray a villain on the Games in Asia cover. So it didn’t take long for me to decide what was to fill on my blank sheet of paper in front of me.

Amon was my first choice. He is not like any villain I ever encountered in comics or RPG games that kills without mercy or kills for the sake of being evil. Amon doesn’t kill because of evilness. On the contrary, he kills because of goodness that he believes in. In his mind, he is just doing God’s work, exterminating evil in the world — even if he must forsake his humanity and turn to a Godly monster.

But please don’t judge me as if I am Amon Violler (In truth I am just a harmless little boy 🙂 who loves jokes and plays stupid games). I like this character because of his uniqueness and his relevance with the real world. We see around the world how people kill in the name of God, how they willingly sacrifice their humanity for the sake of what they believe. “If God wills me to be a monster, so be it!” As a believer myself, I don’t think a belief in God could produce a monster. People who believe in God don’t just isolate themselves and live like a hermit, praying, either. Relation with God should make a human more humane and live fully as a human.


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