I am so glad to see our game discussed in an interview, especially from iFanzine, an online media with good reputation. Never suspected it, so I am grateful about this. The interviewer asked us in quite detailed fashion about inspirations and references from other works for Sage Fusion. This is the kind of question I would so gladly answer because Sage Fusion was formed when I was reading and watching and playing various various stuff. Sage Fusion universe was made by merging many story elements from many types of genres from hard sci-fi novels to surreal art films. Describing what influenced Sage Fusion is like pouring my mind to white computer screen, as if I had a list before.


One thing that interested me is that Clovis, our interviewer, also checked my deviant art page. When I finish a drawing, the emotional connection between me and the picture is often also disconnected (so sometimes I don’t finish an artwork, or take a long time to finish it 🙂 ). Hence it is rather seldom that I get reminded of my old artworks. This is the case for my first drawing of a prototype of Vientiane, one of the main characters in Sage Fusion story. I first imagined a character who could fit in a classic space opera cover magazine, so the keyword was space woman. That is what I got in mind when I started drawing this piece.

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