Hello there, on our last post, we mentioned that Sage Fusion 2 is going to be released at the end of July or early August. And now is the end of July, I bet many of you are wondering. Where’s Sage Fusion 2? Are they going to make it? Or is it going to miss the deadline? Rest assured, we have finished our development process. We have also submitted Sage Fusion 2 to the Apple App Store and we are going to release it to Apple App Store and BlackBerry World on 14 August 2013. Make sure you buy one when it is released, OK?


So, what’s new in Sage Fusion 2? Basically Sage Fusion 2 will rely on the same mechanic as Sage Fusion, but we definitely make some improvements. Sage Fusion 2 will be longer than the first game (roughly twice as long as the first game), there will be more areas to explore, more engaging battles and action scene, more interesting puzzles, and will have faster paced story progression. We have worked hard to make Sage Fusion 2 a better game.

As you might already know, Sage Fusion 2 is the direct sequel of Sage Fusion, but that’s not all. Sage Fusion 2 will be the final chapter and the conclusion for the story. However, the game is designed and written so that new players who haven’t played the first game can also play it. Are you excited for Sage Fusion 2? We know we are. 🙂

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